In addition to our dental services, City Centre offers BOTOX® to Surrey and the surrounding areas. When you invest a lot in maintaining your smile, it’s only natural that would want to complement that with beautiful skin. What are the benefits of BOTOX® treatments? Firstly, it can smooth out the skin, reducing the appearance of crow’s feet, smile lines, and other creases in the face. Patients often report that their facial skin looks younger and smoother after their treatment.

Secondly, BOTOX® can also reduce the pain and headaches associated with different types of temporomandibular disorders called TMJ disorders. Although the exact cause of TMJ disorders are difficult to determine, BOTOX® can provide relief by relaxing the jaw muscles.

BOTOX® treatments do not require anesthesia and it is a very quick injection. Patients report that they usually begin to see results two or three days after they receive their treatment.

Patients use BOTOX® for a variety of reasons. First, BOTOX® can reduce the appearance of wrinkles to smooth out crow’s feet, smile lines and forehead creases. After BOTOX® treatments, patients’ facial skin often looks younger and smoother.

BOTOX® can also help with discomfort from TMJ disorders. BOTOX® relaxes the jaw muscles, thereby reducing the pain and the headaches associated with TMJ.

When you receive a BOTOX® treatment from City Centre Dentistry, the dentist uses a tiny needle to inject muscle-relaxing toxins under the skin. BOTOX® treatments do not require anesthesia and the injection only takes a few minutes to complete. Patients should begin to see results within two to three days after the treatment.

The wrinkle-smoothing effects of BOTOX® are temporary. To maintain the cosmetic benefits over long periods, most patients plan appointments every 3-4 months. Regular BOTOX® treatments can also keep TMJ pain under control.

BOTOX® treatment may not be right for everyone, including women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or patients who have neurological diseases. At City Centre Dentistry, Dr. Mand will discuss with you the BOTOX® options that are best for your age, face, and smile. If you decide that BOTOX® can help, she will then administer the treatment in our office.

Our staff members work hard to create an office environment where you will feel comfortable. As with all our services, we offer free consultations for BOTOX® in Surrey. Our offices are open from 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Monday through Saturday.

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