If the teeth you were born with are not quite the teeth you would like to have, consider how braces might correct or enhance your smile. Braces can fix many orthodontic problems, including:

We understand that different patients have different priorities when it comes to braces. To accommodate our clientele, City Centre Dentistry provides two types of braces in Surrey.

1. Wire and Bracket Braces

This traditional style of braces shifts teeth using brackets, bonding material, wire and elastic. At regular intervals, the orthodontist tightens the braces. This series of minor adjustments in tooth position straightens the teeth.

2. Clear Line Braces

You also have the option of Clearline, a type of clear line braces. Patients using Clearline progress through a series of aligners made of transparent, smooth plastic. They wear aligners over the teeth, much like a retainer. Each aligner in the series differs slightly from the preceding one, so as a patient’s progress through the aligners, their teeth gradually move into place.

Clearline braces do not use wire or brackets. Your dentist or orthodontist will plan out the exact movements each tooth will make, so your set of aligners achieves your desired results.

Invisalign clear aligners are the world's most advanced clear aligner system, offering up to 50% faster results than traditional braces, as well as better fit and comfort and proven results.

Your dentist will meet with you and decide which course of orthodontic treatment suits your needs and desired outcome. Your dentist will also help you find a payment plan. Payment plans include a deposit at the start of treatment and the remaining amount paid in monthly fees for the length of the treatment. The estimate includes the first retainer, which the patient will use upon completing treatment.

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