Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Surrey

Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Surrey

It’s time to visit the dentist again, and this means good things for your teeth. Avoid plaque buildup, cavities and other dental issues with regular appointments with your dentist. Let City Centre Dentistry correct any existing problems while preventing future ones.

You can improve more than just the health of your smile with each dental visit. We provide dental care that enhances your oral health and aesthetic appearance. Obtain the cosmetic dentistry in Surrey you need from City Centre Dentistry.

City Centre Dentistry

Choose from Our Cosmetic Procedures

Do you have a big work or family event coming up? Perhaps a photo opportunity is in the near future. Whatever the reason, there’s never a bad time to improve the look of your smile. Use cosmetic options from our general dentistry, if you live in the Surrey area.

But what do cosmetic options entail? Cosmetic dentistry includes several specific procedures. Each one uses effective processes to repair or whiten your teeth. Some of the more common procedures include:

  • Dental implants and bridges
  • Crowns
  • Veneers (both composite and porcelain)
  • Tooth whitening

While each procedure has its own specific purpose, they all contribute to a full and beautiful smile. For example, crowns protect teeth while leaving a full and white exterior. In addition, veneers can give your smile a finished look that will last for years.

Use our procedures to create a healthier and brighter smile when you invest in cosmetic dentistry in Surrey.

Tooth Whitening Options

You may be wondering if tooth whitening is the right choice for you. Ask our dentists about the 1-hour Pearl™ procedure. Keep your teeth pearly white without waiting weeks for the results.

Cosmetic procedures focus on the appearance and health of your teeth, so proceed with confidence. Receive effective and safe whitening with cosmetic dentistry in Surrey.

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