At City Centre Dentistry, we take care of general dentistry needs for your entire family, including regular check-up and cleanings and restorative services. Families are the building blocks of our practice, and we warmly welcome children of all ages to our office. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Our root canal treatment is completed by a certified specialist. From when you are first concerned and detecting signs that you may need a root canal, all the way through to the treatment itself, we aim to serve your needs as best we can.

This is a method that is frequently used in gum treatment. Dental laser for soft tissue permits speedier and more comfortable healing of soft tissue. Lasers have also proved to be quite effective in the management of periodontal disease and in fitting crowns and bridges.

Most people will need their wisdom teeth extracted at some point in their lives. At City Centre Dentistry, our extractions are all done by experienced dentists. You choose what method of sedation you are most comfortable with.

A dental filling can treat a tooth whose integrity has been comprised. This can be caused by cavities or another kind of external trauma.

When a filling is not an option to restore the integrity of a damaged tooth, we are able to provide crowns or bridges. A crown can return strength to a tooth, and is often used when there is too much of the tooth already missing to provide a filling. A bridge uses existing, undamaged teeth to fill in the area that has been left by missing teeth.

One of the best ways to keep your teeth healthy is by getting them cleaned at least twice a year. At City Centre Dentistry, we offer teeth cleaning as part of preventative dentistry initiative.

Preventing problems with your teeth can also be done at home by brushing thoroughly and flossing regularly. Our team at City Centre Dentistry can offer you tips on preventative dentistry to keep your teeth healthy.